The LV Tradition

It was early in 1975. We were sitting in the Winery in Decatur, Illinois. (Having cocktails in a bar; are you with us so far?) Somebody suggested a trip to Las Vegas in the spring. This trip, which we took in April 1975, was LV I. Seven charter members were on the excursion.

Little did we know at the time the stature this trip would achieve and the worldwide impact that this trip would make. It has outlasted careers, marriages and friendly spats.  

There have been many highlights over the years.

· LV XXV at the Bellagio

· The post- and pre-LVs, especially those to Mexico

· The LV planning session in Champaign that turned into an 11-hour trip to Vegas

· Killing ‘em at the tables, and then pissing it all away

· Expulsion from casinos

· Worse yet, being shut off from cocktails by casinos

The list goes on and on. But one thing is certain: once every year, in the spring, the annual male pilgrimage is made.

The Founding Fathers are proud to have begun this trip in 1975. Yes, we deserve your gratitude, your reverence, your obedience, and your awe. But more importantly, we welcome you (assuming you possess a Y chromosome) to this annual rite. 2018 marks LV XLIV